Saturday, January 21, 2012

Revlon Royal & Sally Hansen HD Mani

I found some Sally Hansen HD polishes that I've wanted forever and couldn't wait to wear them! I layered two different ones over Revlon Royal for this manicure which I wore for THREE days. Unheard of!

"Natural" Light

The layering goes as follows:
-CND Stickey
-2 coats of Revlon Royal
-1 coat of SH HD DVD
-1 coat of SH HD LCD
-1 coat of Out the Door

"Natural" Light

Sally Hansen HD DVD is a bluish purple-y duochrome like glass fleck.  Sally Hansen HD LCD is a pink based glass fleck with hits of a bright green duochrome.  They played nicely together but were incredibly hard to capture.

"Natural" Light

You can see some of the duochromeyness (not a word!) in these pictures, but it really was MUCH more beautiful in person.  It leaned from blue to pink, which was really pretty.

I did something SUPER FUN YAY with this mani, keep an eye out for an upcoming post!

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