Monday, August 15, 2011

WnW "Behind Closed Doors" + accent nail


I wore this mani this weekend and looooved it.  I shy away from vampy dark colors because they do nothing for my hands but I couldn't resist after swatching them for you.  I used WnW "Behind Closed Doors" from the On the Prowl Halloween collection.  I also work at a daycare and we're not supposed to wear black nail polish (or lipstick...LOL) so I tend to obey that rule since I always get yelled at for wearing flip flops.  Just choosing my battles haha.

4 Coats of WnW "Behind Closed Doors"
1 Coat of WnW "Red Red" on the accent nail.
For the stamping I used my new BM plate 224 and used WnW Black Creme.  It was monsooning all weekend here so outside pictures was not an option.  We've gotten like 6 inches of rain in the past few days which is a lot for us, even our basement got some water -_-

Oh my rhinestones!
I've always always wanted a wheel of these but couldn't bring myself to pay the Amazon or craft store prices.  I got these from the bornprettystore for a sweet price.  They have a flat back which is perfect for nails and I secured these with a tiny drop of clear TC by using my dotting tool.

The tiny glitters were SO HARD to clean up I finally said screw it and just left them.  I mean really, how many times are you supposed to attempt clean up before giving up?  All the acetone was doing was turning the red glitter into silver glitter.


  1. Kind of jealous, you know how I feel about red

  2. well psh i told your ass to come over the other day for a mani but nooo 'my current one is still OK'

  3. very pretty! i am in love with vampy shades. i can never get enough! i'll have to keep an eye out for this one next time i'm out shopping for polish!

  4. I saw your comment on my guest post for aurora nails about sinful colors. really 5 coats? it only took me three coats to get the color.

    yes, I agree with you glitter is very hard to get off. zoya nail polish remover works nicely though for it

  5. hi again! i think i had a botched batch bottle. it was ridiculous formula! ive never had a problem with sinful colors before, so thats the only way. plus when i looked at it in the store again recently, it looked a bit different. idk!

  6. courteney, i found mine at harmons. theyre 20 cents cheaper there than other places!