Monday, August 22, 2011

Avon "Wicked" + "Gunmetal" Swatch and Review

My friend the Avon rep bought two polishes from herself to keep at my house because I am her official unofficial manicurist.  The two colors she picked are not my personal bag, they're dark and vampy and I am cremes and pastels but I decided to swatch them anyways to see what they looked like.  And we're off..

Gunmetal - One coat.
I thought this was a one coater but that's because the crappy lighting in my room tricked me.  You can see bald spots but under standard lighting it looks fine.  This applied smoothly but as mentioned before, most definitely a 2 coat kind of color.  I didn't hate this on me!  It made me feel a tab rebellious actually - LOL.

"Gunmetal" Indoor, flash.
The other polish she picked completely surprised me by being a one coat wonder.  I think I have maybe 10 of these total, and they're mostly holos and the super pigmented WnWs.  Anyway, this is an honest to goodness one coater.

Indoor, flash
Indoor, flash
OPI Silver Shatter - Indoor, flash
This was difficult to photograph but we haven't had much sun lately.  I work with what I've got, and I've got rain and monsoons, lol.  As I said before, this color is not for me.  It's really pretty, especially in the bottle.

If you're interested in these colors you can go through my own personal Avon lady, Coryn, by visiting her website HERE.  She does ship in the US.  Most countries have their own Avon site, as well.


  1. It looks fantastic on me though :)

  2. The gunmetal that Sally Hansen makes is a lot nicer than that one, although I am a fan of all greys. I have Wicked too and I love it.