Sunday, August 14, 2011

WnW On the Prowl Swatches

It's mid-August. So what does that mean? Halloween, of course.  Christmas in July and Halloween in August, I suppose. I saw swatches of these earlier this week and was immediately "on the prowl" for On The Prowl!

Only four from this really interested me, and luckily they were four that were still on the display.  I bought them at Harmon's for $1.79 each - a little cheaper than most places.

Cougar Attack - Correction Tape - Tangled in My Web - Behind Closed Doors

I swatched these four polishes either over bare nails or over black or over colors I thought were suitable underwear. All polishes used were WnW brand.  The red is "Red Red", black is "Black Creme" and the orange is "Sunny Side Up".  Each of those are only 99. cents! All photos here are without BC and TC.

"Cougar Attack":
1 coat - 2 coats - 2 coats over black - 1 coat over black
I was so pleasantly surprised with "Cougar Attack"!  I was super close to passing on it after seeing it in the bottle, but decided since I was saving 60. cents "Hey, why not."  It's only 2 coats for opacity which is incredible for a glitter.  The dark jelly base certainly helps.  I like it best on its own.

"Tangled in My Web":
1 coat - 2 coats over black - 2 coats over SSU - 2 coat over red
 First off I apologize for the mess that is my ring finger and pinky.  I did not wait for them to dry, so there was streaking and smudging but it really didn't effect the outcome.  One coat doesn't look -that- different from two coats.  A bit of fishing is needed for this one; you need to try and load the brush up with as much glitter with avoiding all of the goopy clear base. (Which is hard to do with a black brush)  The possibilities of this one are really endless though.  Between frankening and using as-is, there is lots to be done with "Tangled"!

Also, this polish over black looks like Deborah Lippmann's "Funky Chunky".  And that being said - don't use it over black, lol.

"Correction Tape":
1 coat - 2 coats - 2 coats over red - 2 coat over black
Such a party glitter.  I have Milani "Gems" and WnW "Party of Five Glitters" so I really didn't need this one but it does bring a little something different to the table.  I'm confused by the name though, correction tape to me = dry white out on the rolly things.

"Behind Closed Doors":
Thumb is 3 coats.
From Left to Right:
1 coat - 2 coats - 2 coats over red - 2 coats over black

 LOVE this one.  The hex glitter was a little difficult to fish out. There is almost none on my fingers, but you can see it on my thumb.  I also prefer this one without underwear.  The dark gray jelly base creates depth!

Over all, these were great.  Drying time was nice, they're fun colors and versatile as well.  Their price makes me happy.

NOTE: There is A LOT of depth and detail to these polishes, I recommend you click to enlarge.


  1. great post, ive been really curious about these!

    <3 BB

  2. I can't wait to pick up a few of these!! It's a shame they're so sheer, but for the black with red glitter, I'm willing to be patient.

  3. I hate to say it but I really want correction tape. I don't even like these types of glitters. I should have learned after Milani! lol Its just so colorful