Saturday, August 20, 2011

Avon "Jade" + China Glaze "He's Going In Circles"

As usual I am excited about the post at hand.  My BFF has recently started selling Avon after years of being schooled by her grandmother in the fine craft.  I was browsing through the books and the alarms sounded when I hit the nail polish section.  I got a total of 4 bottles: two were my choice and she picked two to keep here since I always do her nails.  The polish I am showing you today was my first choice!

Avon "Jade" + China Glaze "He's Going In Circles"
I am reaaaally surprised by the formula on this.  For some reason I expected sub-par application and streaking.  This was two thin coats which is a miracle in itself for me, considering most of my manicures involve three at least!  Opacity was reached in two except my thumb but that was my own fault.  I didn't have nearly enough polish on the brush for my gigantic thumbnail and had to patch-polish it in the streaky parts.

Indoor Flash

I plan on posting the additional Avon polishes I got, along with pictures.  I don't think they get all the glory they deserve to be quiet honest.  I am not sure about wear length but I never really touch on that topic too much seeing as I change my polish very often.  If there happens to be major instantaneous chipping I will certainly inform (as I always do!) - but so far so good!

As for where you can find this beauty,  Coryn (my personal Avon lady), has a website which you can visit by clicking HERE.  She doesn't just do local face-to-face orders; she sells online and therefore ships across the continental US.  I got these on sale for $2.99.

And in true cat lady fashion, here is my babylove:


  1. 2.99 isn't that bad... I would consider buying it if it would be easier to get it. I like to walk into a store and buy stuff. This way of selling/buying (like Avon) isn't my favorite. You can return the product if you don't like it, right?
    P.S: The last photo is hillarious. Gotta love those big round eyes. <3

  2. I personally try to avoid shopping online if I know something is still on the shelves. That being said, I am currently waiting on *2* packages in the mail -_- lol.

    I'd imagine it is returnable although I don't really know. I could find out for you.

  3. It's too bad I didn't read this earlier, as I placed an order for 3 polishes from Avon this morning and I wish I'd seen the link to your friend's site so I could have ordered through her.

  4. @nihrida - I spoke with my friend and she said that returns can be done when ordering through the official avon website.

    @Madeline - that's ok, maybe next time - which ones did you get?!