Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Confetti "Moonstruck" + SH "Hidden Treasure"!

Before we get onto the polish I have some sad and inconvenient news.  Yesterday I was diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  I have to wear a brace on my right hand for 1-2 months and then probably get cortisone injections.  There is a surgical option but I don't think it'll go that far.  Typing with a brace is hard, polishing with a brace is hard, writing with one is damn near and impossible and changing diapers for the kiddies at my job is actually impossible.

Last week my right hand went numb, mostly the fingers.  And four key fingers to diagnosing CTS were all going by the book.  My thumb, index finger, middle finger and half of my ring finger are all numb and there's some aching in my wrist.  It's pretty uncomfortable but bearable.  Right now I have my brace off because I needed to give it a rest for a little bit, but I normally won't be removing it.  That being said, posting may decrease in frequency or decrease in text.  I can post but typing is really annoying and difficult, so we'll see

Anyways, onto my NOTD! I saw this color on the NB at MUA but also on a coworker and when I went to pick up my brace from CVS I saw it was the last one and had to grab it!  For $1.99 you really can't say no, hehe.

3 coats "Moonstruck" + 1 coat OTD
Yes you read that right, Out the Door (OTD).  I am trying Out the Door for a bit.  I currently have two active bottles of SH ID red bottle but one has been causing bubbles really bad.  I figured I would give another TC a try.  OTD is about fifty cents to a dollar cheaper, depending where you shop.

It's muddy and murky but oh so pretty.  It's a strange color.
Kind of a gray with hints of lavender with some kind of
murky brown undertone.  It's unique!
Application was great.  After one coat I thought we were in trouble, it looked streaky and a little hopeless but this color took such a positive turn.  I am in love!

And we know I can't leave well enough alone, so after wearing this for a day I came home and added SH HT!  One of my favorite layering polishes, ever.  It brings something different to the table and I like that.

1 coat SH HT + 1 coat OTD TC
It's a rainbow (=

So what do you think about "Moonstruck"?  And what about the addition of HT?


  1. i really like the way the confetti polish looks! its very pretty!

    <3 BB

  2. thanks! there is something about it, isnt there?

  3. I don't know which one I like better Hidden treasure or moonstruck. They are both very interesting.

    Hidden treasure is a nice alternative to Nfu Oh flakies. And Moonstruck is just a gorgeous nude shade!

  4. they paired together so nicely i couldnt pick a favorite either!