Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Funky Fingers Foil Collection Swatches

Oooh these are excitingly beautiful!  As many of you know, Funky Fingers and Color Club share the same mother company, Forsythe Cosmetics Group.  These are dupes of the Color Club Foiled collection.  The only differences I've spotted so far is that the light pink in the Color Club collection ("Foil Me Once") is actually an older Funky Fingers polish named "Favorite Girl" (I think); additionally, "Power Chord" is not in the Color Club set.

At my Five Below, "Favorite Girl" was plunked right next to all of the other new foils.  It's not a new release, however and doesn't have a name change.  Another fun yet confusing fact to throw into this mix is "Platinum Record" seems to be a renamed re-release of "Down To Earth". If this is the case, than FF is releasing old colors with new names.  I'll do a comp eventually.

Among the foils there was a chunky silver hex glitter, Stage Dive, which is swatched on some nails.

Anyways, onto the beauties!

Monster Ballad:

This is only one coat!  Monster Ballad applied so nicely, a lovely magenta foil.  This one stood out among the crowd, it's so bold.

Sold Out Arena:

One Coat of Stage Dive

This is two coats. I wore this for like, a solid two days and loved it. I'm sure its not the first minty foil but its my only as of now.  This was two coats. Somewhat runny formula but workable.

Power Chord:

One Coat of Stage Dive
I had some trouble capturing this color really well.  It's a dark plummy kind of purple but it catches gold on camera.  This was two coats, could've used a third for sure.  This was the runniest of them all, too.  Very pretty though.

Sound Check:

GORGEOUS vibrant blue.  This one is really super pigmented, like Monster Ballad, and could be done with one decent coat.  This is one splotchy coat but I do believe you could get away with one coat if you paid attention.

Guitar Solo:

One Coat of Stage Dive
An icy icy blue foil.  This one was easy to apply, the formula ran so inconsistently in this collection.

Platinum Record

One Coat of Stage Dive
A gold foil, seen it 100 times. Nothing too 'stand out' about this color, it washes me out, too.

So this whole collection is kind of confusing.  Two colors look like previous FF colors, one has a name change and one doesn't.  It's hard enough keeping it straight between FF and CC, but if they're really releasing the same things with different names, then my head will explode. I'm looking at the bottles now, and the one seems to be a bit grittier than the other; so hopefully they are different.

Additionally, the formula is somewhat all over the place.  Some are super pigmented and a nice consistency, while some are runny and need multiple coats.  Maybe that has more to do with them being foils and less about their maker, I'm not sure.  I do love the color range of this though, so many to choose from.  I bought this entire collection for $12 at Five Below so I can't complain too much. Which is your favorite?


  1. Love it! Power Cord and Guitar Solo are awesome, love it with the Stage Dive. I've never used Funky Fingers before.