Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Bloom.Com Order

I was SO excited to get my Bloom.Com order.  It arrived Wednesday, just about a week after placing my order.  The shipping was free which is always exciting.  I paid $13 for my Plum District coupon/gift card and my total came out to $40.50 - with the gift card being worth $40, that means I only paid $13.50 for all of this stuff. I love that! Guilt free shopping has got to be one of the best natural highs, ever!

I must say I am quite impressed with Bloom's packaging. It arrived in a bold black box and had lots of hot pink tissue paper, along with bubble wrap and the larger packaged air.  The polishes had come unraveled from the bubble wrap, but all of the additional packaging kept them safe.

How cute is that?

The invoice included a nice handwritten note from my new beauty BFF, Jenna! Such a nice sentiment that they take the time to do that.

The 3 free samples I was able to choose came with a high gloss card in a cute little bag.  The back of the card suggests reviewing the sample products online for my fellow beauty fiends. (In nicer words, of course.)

 My first Zoyas!  I've always heard such great things about this brand and was so excited to be able to try them at such a great price.  I choose Neeka, Maya and Mira.  I also got POP Beauty Jade Metal and thought I've give CND Stickey Base Coat a try. All of that for $13.50!

Realistically, I probably won't order from Bloom.Com again unless there is another exceptional offer such as the Plum District one.  If I'm looking for something that I can't find elsewhere, I would definitely consider them as their shipping is free and I hate paying for shipping.  Their package felt so personal and warm; it was a delight shopping with them!

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