Monday, October 31, 2011

$40 Gift Card for $14 @ ImageBeauty! has another crazy deal for ImageBeauty aka

Here's what you do if you're interested, click HERE to sign up. That's my referral link, no pressure if you'd rather not use it.  Anyways, when purchasing the deal you'll notice its a $40 gift card for $20 - Enter the promo code "spooky30" without the quotes to get 30% off - making your deal a total of $14!

ImageBeauty has quite the selection and I'm impressed at their prices. Essies are discounted, too.  I found the China Glaze winter and holiday collections all the way on page 17 if you're looking for them. I'm excited because this is the first groupon type deal I've encountered that sells China Glaze!

I must thank those who used my referral link last time - I appreciate it! (=

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  1. Ah. My compulsiveness got the best of me. I told myself no more polish til the new year :P