Friday, October 28, 2011


There seems, for the most part, a divided opinion on whether 'testing' nail polish is or isn't stealing.  Testing with a tester is not the same thing as testing with a product intended for sale.  That is an important distinction.  I think the concept becomes blurry because while they're not putting the entire bottle into their pocket and walking out of the store, they are indeed using part of a product that they're not paying for.  It's pretty black and white in my eyes.  Using something you're not paying for, that is supposed to be paid for, is, uh, theft.  Just because the bottle remains left at the store doesn't mean they didn't take product from the bottle. And just because someone only "used a little" of the product, also doesn't mean it's not theft.

I'm writing this because I'm kind of pissed off.  Most (hopefully!) of you who read know the difference, and anyone who is involved in this hobby usually aren't the types who do this.  We see swatches, and research the quality of something before purchasing it.  I almost feel as if I'm wasting my breath, because you aren't the people who needs to hear this. But alas, this is my soapbox.

Almost always, when purchasing a polish, I'll open it to check and make sure the threads aren't gunked up.  For whatever reason this time around, I didn't.  I went in to Walgreens specifically looking for the Coloricon glitters but a Sinful Colors that I hadn't noticed before caught my eye.  I grabbed it and continued to search for the Coloricons, couldn't find them, so I went to check out.  It wasn't until getting home and a few days later that I realized my polish was used, and noticeably used.

I take fault for not checking it out at the store, I understand that.  I think it's kind of absurd that I even have to have a habit of inspecting an item I want to purchase.

The idiots who test make up in stores are just that, idiots. Evidently they're incapable of NOT slathering the threads of a bottle too.  How hard is it to not do that?  They're not threading a needle.  The opening is big enough.

Thanks for the slop!
To whomever did this: you are a fucking douchebag :D There. I feel better.

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  1. I totally agree with you. Usually when I'm shopping for nail polish at Sally's they over me a piece of tape to "test" the colour, but honestly they should not even allow testing! I always refuse it.

    If they want the customer to "test" the polish, they should provide a tester polish, not product they are selling.