Friday, June 1, 2012

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Aflorable

So I've worn a handful of the Salon Effects and I decided to blog about this one because I had fantastic results with it.  I've had a total of 5 sets I think, and this is the first to actually impress me.  Not necessarily because of the design, but because it finally lived up to all of the rave reviews I've heard about it.
"Natural" Light
I'm thinking my positive experience with time around is due to wearing a base coat with it.  I attempted it in the past, but you cannot reposition at all with a base coat (at least in my experience).  The first time I tried with a different set, I realized you couldn't reposition with a base coat, so I removed it and finished application with out.  The base coat I used (Orly Bonder) really really stuck the nail strip to the nail, so if you tried to fix it, it would tear.  I figure at the price these things are, that wasn't the best approach.

"Natural" Light
I went a bit slower this time and although I did mess up a couple strips,  I had enough to complete the manicure. I actually got two full manicures out of one set, and I also got the set for about $6 thanks to K-Mart going out of business.  I don't like the price of these things, they're still $10 most places, but I do see them occasionally for $8 or $9 - although for only 2 manicures, I'm still not crazy about the price.

"Natural" Light
This time around, these things stuck!  Through work, showers and hair washing, not a single chip.  Just some wear, which has to be expected. I'd also like to note that on my index and thumb, those nails are naturally a bit wonky in shape, so if there is any irregular gaps it's my fault, not the strips.

I took the macro close up underneath on Thursday evening, I applied these on Sunday evening. It's unheard of for anything to last this long and this nicely on me!  This is NO topcoat, only base coat. I find when I use top coat on these, it makes them too thick and I'm tempted to peel them off.

"Natural" Light


  1. Looks great! I love these strips but refuse to buy them for full price.

    1. same! theyre so handy though sometimes...

  2. This is beautiful! It reminds me of cherry blossoms and our trip to the botanical gardens for some reason... even though its not really that color scheme or anything.