Monday, June 4, 2012

Brucci Kathy's Baby Blues vs Essie Something Blue Comparison

I had this as an untried for a while so decided its number was up and put it on. I just love pastel cremes, they're so "Me!" and I love see them on my nails.

"Natural" Light

As usual, not a bad thing to say about Brucci. I'm always impressed with their formulas and price.  This was about $2.35 at my Rite Aid, you can get them online too, ImageBeauty sells them for sure, as I've bought a few from them.

"Natural" Light

This is two coats over Orly Bonder sealed with Out the Door. It went on smoothly, and opaque in two coats! Yay!


Then I thought it looked a bit like Essie Something Blue, so I did a swatch comparison.

"Natural" Light

Brucci has more green in it, Essie is more of a powder blue.  But pretty, but not dupes!

"Natural" Light

Which do you like better?


  1. I like how they look together:)

  2. Great comparison! Both are really pretty, but I probably like the Essie a tad more since it's been on my wishlist for a long time.

    1. you're much more decisive than i! if it was anything over than essie vs. brucci, i'd vouch for essie's formula. brucci is really a top contender though.