Saturday, June 9, 2012

Revlon ColorStay Calla Lily

I am such a sucker for colors like this lately.  I think I hoard them more than I use them because I don't have patience for more than two coats most of the time, but it's so pretty.  I was able to get this for around $2 when they tend to run around $8 or $9. I stacked some coupons and used instant reward bucks from CVS and I'm so glad I did as I have a difficult time paying more than $5 for a drug store polish.

"Natural" Light
This is four coats over Orly Bonder and sealed with Brucci Nail Dryer.  Even at four coats, there is very visible nail line, but I actually liked that.  It softened the look of my natural nails and was somewhat of an "instant french".
"Natural" Light
Calla Lily is a super sheer white based polish with subtle golden shimmers.  Being my first ColorStay polish from the Revlon line, I was really impressed with the formula.  Even after four coats, it didn't peel - that's rare for me.

"Natural" Light

"Natural" Light
I imagine of opacity was important to you that Revlon Powder Puff would be a really complimentary base color for this.


  1. Ooh, I was looking at this one the other day and wondering if I should buy it. It would look fabulous as a topcoat over flat colours, I think.

    1. oh, it would!! smart thinking lady xD