Monday, April 2, 2012

Seaweed vs. Da Bush vs. Stranger Tides Comparison

I noticed I had a few of these murky, washed out greens so I decided to do a side by side swatch comparison only to realize they're really almost identical.  The pictures really do speak volumes so the comparison is between Sinful Colors Seaweed, Essie Da Bush and OPI Stranger Tides.

"Natural" Light
This is three coats of each over Orly Bonder and sealed with OTD.


"Natural" Light
 The OPI and the Essie appear to be dead on dupes; Seaweed appears to be the slightest more green. Maybe. I can't tell what the difference is but it comes off more.. vibrant?  If you own one, you don't need the others. All three formulas were fine; they needed three coats but my coats were thin. Hope this helps!


  1. I have OPI- Stranger Tides. Now I know I don't have to get the others. Thanks for the awesome review :)