Friday, April 27, 2012

OPI DS Opulence & Stamping

I recieved this OPI as a gift from a girlyfriend from my forum.  I put it away in my OPI drawer and had forgotten about it but I am so so glad I decided to dig it out.

"Natural" Light
I'm not sure exactly how to explain this one.  It's somewhat of a scattered holo, almost but it has more sparkles than that. Some of the Designer Series polishes are difficult to explain, this is certainly one of them.

"Natural" Light

This is two coats of Opulence over Orly Bonder and sealed with OtD.

"Natural" Light

See the pretty sparkles?  It's got a lot of silver flecky particles, too.


"Natural" Light

I used BM201 for this design, with WnW Black Creme.  My nails are so curvy sometimes it's really hard to get a full image design to transfer, but I filled the space with gems to attempt to make it look on purpose.


  1. Such a pretty polish, and the stamping really takes it over the top!!

    1. Thanks britty :D Let me know if you wanna borrow it!