Wednesday, April 18, 2012

PSA: DermStore kinda blows.

A few things I want to say before I expand on the issues I've had with this company:
-I hope my colloquial speech here isn't disregarded. I'm not a professional, this is just a candid account of what happened.
-I never thought I'd be put through the ringer by what I thought to be a professional company.
-Everything said here is 100% true, I'm not embellishing for entertainment's sake.

I received a 25$ "gift card" from My Glam Bag.  It was actually a 25$ off a 50$ order or more. Since they carry Butter London and Essie I figured I'd use the gift card to get some stuff I normally wouldn't want to pay full price for.

My order consisted of 2 Butter Londons at 14$ a piece and 3 Essies at 8$ a piece.  A grand total of 52$ which when all is said and done, I should've only been charged a total of 27$ for.  This is how it played out:

1. I got an email saying 3 items were on back order and they were going to ship me what was is stock. (March 16th)
2. I called their number and the customer service representative said they split it and would ship me the 2 Essies that were in stock.
3. I inquired if the discount applied to split orders, they said "no". So I said cancel the split order, I'll wait for the whole order.
4. He told me he cancelled it.
5. A week later i receive 2 Essies with a $16 payment in my bank history
6.I  call to confirm since they didn't do what I asked, if I was going to receive the next order with a full 25$ discount since they didn't apply it to the first order.
7. The lady said she couldn't address it until the 2nd order was shipped and then to call back and have it sorted out.
8. April 6th, I get my 3rd Essie and 2 Butter Londons that were back ordered. It was a $36 order, minus $12.50 and i was charged $23.50 - They applied HALF of the gift card.
9. April 7th I just call back, as I was told to, to sort it out. A total SHREW of an individual answered the phone who said, "Let me get this straight, you think we still owe you money?" So i explained steps 1-8 to him, only to receive attitude from him and said there was no supervisor in right now and he'll deal with next week.
10. On good faith, I waited until today, April 18th and still did not receive a phone call.
11. I call back and explain the entire ordeal to someone who puts me on hold, but I was disconnected.
12. I call back again and get the same lady who I spoke to in step #7, she said she remembered me, but of course I had to explain the whole thing again anyways.
13. After she remembers me, she says, "So, you want me to issue you 12.50$ - is that what you want?" Of course, I say yes and after over a month of dealing with their crap, I was finally issued my refund.

My grievances with this?
-Why did CS guy #1 tell me he cancelled my order when he didn't?
-They split my order without my permission, which would've resulted in me losing the 25$ gift card and being charged for the total amount had I not been so persistent about it.
-The nasty CS guy #2 assured me I would receive a phone call regarding my issue; I never did. Also, he was rude, that is annoying in itself.
-The tone of the woman in #13 - is that what I want? It's what should be done, lady. I didn't do anything wrong, you guys can't keep your shit straight. She made me feel as if she was doing me a favor by fixing a company error.

Resolution: Yes, I'm getting my $12.50 back but not until I played ring around the idiot with them for over a month.

Tread lightly with this company.


  1. I hate when I have to deal with idiots over the phone! :( Glad to hear after all that mess you did get what they owed you!!!

    1. ha, yea. it was a pain in the ass - they werent the least bit apologetic or anything.

  2. I'm sorry this happened to you. I had a similar customer service experience with a (different) online retailer and I was just so sick of the process by the end of it. disappointing that they're associated with MyGlam too.

    1. thats strange. i had not heard a bad thing about dermstore before but it MyGlame is two for two, ill be sure to remember that.

  3. Ugh. I can't believe how many companies severely lack in the customer service department. It's sad to me that some business owners and employees lose sight of their priorities so much that they treat the people giving them a paycheck like garbage. It really amazes me how nasty some people can get, and what blows me away even more is that they're the representation of that particular brand. Nothing makes you feel more valued as a customer than getting the implication you're fucking bothering the customer service representative, eh?

    1. thats what i dont get.. without customers they dont get paid. with the economy the way it is, you would think people would be on their game. i totally got the vibe that was i annoying them, and obviously i needed something from them (my refund) so i wasnt a total bitch, either. if i had been completely denied of my refund, i wouldve turned it on - but i was cordial the whole time.