Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sally Hansen Hard Lemonade

Another yellow for you guys! I just looooooooooove yellow. It's so happy, sunshiney. I can't wear it in clothing as it washes me out but I'll wear it on my nails.  I always overlook Sally Hansen because I've seen them a thousand times but I'm glad I took a second look at Hard Lemonade.

"Natural" Light

This is four coats (can't expect much from a yellow) over Orly Bonder sealed with Out the Door.  When I first used it, it was super runny but from leaving it open to paint my nails, it thickened a bit, I think.  I was able to do only three coats on my right hand.

"Natural" Light

"Natural" Light

There is a super subtle shimmer in here.  You can't see it very well at first but once you know it's there, you can't not see it.