Sunday, April 15, 2012

Brucci Sparkling Bordeaux

I went out of my nail polish comfort zone with this one. It's dark, and red.. and a glitter.  But it looked so pretty in the bottle.  I liked it on me too, surprisingly.  But as with most glitters, I end up peeling it off in sheets either while commuting to school or being bored in class.

"Natural" Light

This is two coats over Orly Bonder sealed with Brucci Nail Polish Dryer. I saw it and was curious, it's comparable to Out the Door actually.  It dries fast but I can't judge its wear time as I peeled it off.  I probably won't get another bottle of Nail Polish Dryer as it was around 5$ and I can get OtD cheaper.  But I was curious and that curiosity has been appeased.

"Natural" Light
I'm going to be a really excellent blogger right now and tell you that the design is a decal nail sticker that I don't remember where I bought it from or what brand it is.  I'm super informative, I know. I probably got it at KMart on sale, that's the extent of my knowledge on it.  I detach them from the plastic packaging and keep them in a little drawer to save space. Consequentially, I never know where my decals are from.

"Natural" Light
Something else worth mentioning, after I took pics I added another coat of top coat on my nails.  This glitter looks a lot grittier than it felt. My ring finger, in the pictures, has two coats top coat, so that is eventually what it looked like.  It evened out really well with an additional coat.

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