Monday, January 21, 2013

Valentine's Striping Manicure

I couldn't let my perfectly pink mani go to waste, so I jazzed it up with some stripes!

I used four different striping polishes and left some of the base color, Butter London Snog, show through as well.

I used, from left to right, b.s.n. Planet, Art Deco Baby Pink, Art Club Malmsy and b.s.n. White.  I get the b.s.n. stripers from my local dollar store.

I was inspired by Valentine's Day with the color scheme, even though it's next month.  The whole process of the striping only took about 5 minutes, so it was super easy for a fun finished product.


Just a quick reminder, the Valentine's Day Duo Giveaway is still active, click HERE to enter.  There is also a giveaway on the Oopsie Daisies Facebook page HERE.  There are also three seasonal polishes currently on sale for $6.00 at the store. Happy shopping & good luck to the entrants!