Saturday, January 5, 2013

Born Pretty Striping Tape Mani and Review

I recently obtained my first striping tapes!  I wasn't sure how easy or difficult they may have been to work with, so I was excited to finally get to play around with some.


I tried a bunch of different designs to get a feel for using them, it was actually super easy and they stick really well without pulling up the polish underneath.  The base color for this manicure was the BK #11 polish I reviewed earlier. I did the designs the next day so the base polish was already set; sometimes I get nail strips/guides that still pick up the polish, ruining the mani - wasn't the case with the striping tape!

I used Finger Paints Black Expressionism and pulled the tape off before the polish dried, which worked for most of the designs, some nails I applied too much black polish on, and it smudged a little.  This was my first attempt though, so some errors were definitely anticipated.

You can use the striping tape to do a negative space type effect, like I did here or you can leave the tape on to use it as an actual design element, which I'm going to show eventually.  The striping tape, which was sent for review, is a set of 12 different colors available HERE

Image Source: Born Pretty

The set of 12 striping tapes is available for 8.99 USD; Also, you can use code CA10L91 for 10% off your order; if enough people use my code I'll be able to host a Born Pretty sponsored giveaway (=


  1. I just bought my first striping tapes last week too, can't wait for them to arrive so I can try them out

  2. just ordered the striping tape and some stamping polish from born pretty. can't wait to get em!

  3. Wow your tape mani is gorgeous! I really must give this another go!