Friday, January 25, 2013

Dior Ultra Violet and Striping

I wanted to play with my stripers again after my last manicure except this time I added some fun dots to mix it up a bit.

I used Dior Ultra Violet for the base coat, over Orly Bonder and the manicure is sealed with OTD.  Dior bottles are really hard for me to hold right. I'm so used to round bottles!  Two coats of Ultra Violet was all it took to reach opacity; nice formula and application, too!

For the stripes I used Art Deco Baby Pink, b.s.n Golden Closter (??? WTF is a closter?), b.s.n. White and Art Club Lite Pink.  I also used them for the dots with my dotting tools, all except Golden Closter. I can't get over the name. The b.s.n. polishes are some horrific smelling polishes from my local dollar store and they're always misspelled and mislabeled but this one has to be my new favorite.

I drew the lines with the stripers and then staggered dots at the end points, making sure the lines didn't go too far down to the base of my nail.  I'm not sure what I was trying to accomplish but it's difficult to come up with something new, haha.


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