Thursday, January 3, 2013

BK Nail Polish Swatch and Review

Born Pretty sent me this beauty for review.  BK#11 is a bright, neon pink jelly. Shown is three coats over Orly Bonder and sealed with Out the Door. See bottom of this post for 10% off coupon code!

Ah it's so squishy! Shown is three coats and there is some slight VNL but I actually stopped at three because I like how it looked. The BK polishes are available HERE although the #11 they have listed is a blue, so I'm not sure which this one is actually supposed to be.  This one is also 7ml and the bottles on the sight are 8ml.  So that confuses me a bit, but I wanted to share this anyway because I was thrilled with the application. It went on smoothly and dried quickly, but also keep in mind this is a neon, which typically dry fast. There were no patches or bald spots/streaks.

There are a ton of other colors in this brand, $2.95 USD for 8ml and free shipping! Also, you can use code CA10L91 for 10% off your order; if enough people use my code I'll be able to host a Born Pretty sponsored giveaway (=