Friday, October 26, 2012

Oopsie Daisies Nail Polish Earthbound Collection Swatches

Swatches are finally ready!  The Earthbound Collection consists of 7 polishes, three with colored bases and four layering polishes all inspired from various aspects of the Super Nintendo game, Earthbound.

Top L to R: Moonside, Winters, Starstorm Omega, Fuzzy Pickles!
Bottom L to R: Bubble Monkey, Pyskick, Unlikely Hero

Moonside, inspired by vibrant neon colors of Moonside, is a black jelly bases polish with neon matte glitter. Shown here is three coats on its own with one coat of top coat.  It can also be worn over black for a more opaque look; an additional coat of top coat can smooth it out more.

Winters is inspired by the colors in the town of Winters.  This is a creme based polish with blue and green matte glitter for the scenery, and pops of purple for the elusive sea creature, Nessie.  Shown is three coats on its own, can also be worn over white for a more opaque finish.

Starstorm Omega;
Starstorm Omega is inspired by the most powerful attack in the game.  Starstorm Omega is a clear base with holo stars, squares and diamonds.  Also in this polish is shreds of silver and silver holo glitter with tiny silver hexes.

1 Coat - 2 Coats - 3 Coats over black

Two coats over China Glaze High Def
Fuzzy Pickles!;
Fuzzy Pickles! is much more fun to say than "Cheese", which is what the in-game photograph prompts your character to say.  Fuzzy Pickles! is a green jelly bases polish with shimmer and green glitter of multiple sizes and colors.  Shown below is four thin coats on its own.

Bubble Monkey;
Bubble Monkey is inspired by the lovably adorable Bubble Monkey!  This is a clear based polish with different types of brown metallic glitter, yellow matte glitter for the bananas and bubble gum pink hearts. Shown below is two coats over Zoya Dea.

Two coats over Sephora by OPI Why Yellow There.. & Finger Paints Paper Mache
Psykick is based on the psychic sidekick, Paula, with extraordinary powers in a little pink dress.  This is a clear based polish with different types of pink matte glitter, yellow glitter for her hair and deep pink glitter for her shoes.  Shown below is two coats over Zoya Lara.

Unlikely Hero;
Unlikely Hero is based on the main character, Ness, and the colors of his clothes.  This polish is clear based with periwinkle glitter as well as red, white and yellow to complete his outfit.  Shown below is two coats over black.

All photos were taken under my "Natural" light lamp, with Orly Bonder as a base coat and Out the Door as a topcoat.  These polishes will be increased in price from $8.00 to $8.50 as they're more complex and consequentially they have a large amount of different ingredients in them.

The Earthbound Collection will be available for sale on Saturday, October 27th.  My Etsy shop is: HERE.

If anybody has any questions or comments regarding these polishes, feel free to leave a comment or contact me through Etsy! I hope you enjoy these as much as I did creating them!


  1. Winters and Unlikely Hero are my favorites, but they are all great. :)

  2. These are awesome!! I totally wanna play Earthbound now, & I haven't played it in ages!

    1. hehe i played it through before completing the collection for "Research and development"

  3. These are awesome!! I totally wanna play Earthbound now, & I haven't played it in ages!

  4. I have never played this game but I am loving the polishes!