Friday, March 22, 2013

NEW! Oopsie Daisies Flora and Fauna Collection - Swatches

I am particularly excited about sharing this collection with you!   Some of these ideas have been in my mind for a long time so it is very exciting to finally see them in their completed state.

Bluebird - Fawn - Ladybug - Pick More Daisies v2 - Cherry Blossoms
The Flora&Fauna Collection is inspired by some of nature's most beautiful offerings.  The flora (plant life) and fauna (animal life) are expressed in this collection through bright colors and vibrant glitter.

This is a new venture I've taken as this polish is intended to be worn without a topcoat (although it can be if that is your preference!)  Bluebird dries to a subtle, satin, robin's egg type finish.  Shown here is three thin coats with no topcoat.  Bluebird is an airy, baby blue creme base with brown and copper flecks to represent the speckles sometimes seen on bird eggs.

This polish is a bright magenta-leaning red jelly polish with red and black glitter.  Ladybug also has subtle silver shimmer and sparkles to add depth. Shown here is three coats.

Cherry Blossoms;
My favorite from the collection, Cherry Blossoms is a clear based polish with white glitter, tiny pink iridescent glitter and pink flower glitter to represent the Cherry Blossoms.  If worn in multiple layers - I'd say three - "color" starts to build but the base remains ultimately clear. Shown is one coat over Sinful Colors Verbena.

Pick More Daisies v2;
Pick More Daisies v2 is a green jelly polish with green, white and dandelion yellow glitter with yellow daisy glitter.  This polish differs from the first version in the following ways: a more pigmented color base, more daisy glitter and the tiny yellow hexes are a new addition. Shown is three coats - no base color.

Inspired by adorable baby Bambi, Fawn is a yellow leaning brown creme based polish with glitter to represent the "spots" see on fawns.  Glitters are caramel, brown and white. Shown is three coats, but full opacity was reached in two.

The Flora&Fauna Collection will be available in my Etsy Store tomorrow, Saturday, March 23rd for $8.50 a piece.  A post will be made here when they are available.


  1. So pretty and unique. I love Fawn and Bluebird. The finish and color of Bluebird looks exactly like a bird's egg :)

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    Your nail polishes are beautiful!
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