Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Revlon Colorstay Costal Surf Swatch + Review

FIRSTLY, I must address my absence.  I completed my full time student teaching internship last month, graduated college (finally, holy cow), and just got back from a wonderful vacation from Wisconsin!  I miss blogging, so so much. I hope to be able to make more time for it, truthfully my nails get BEAT UP when I'm working and I get too lazy to take care of them. I miss this, I miss y'all and intend on incorporating it back into my routine.  I've seen some adorable Funky Fingers at Five Below.. perhaps I'll have a homecoming giveaway soon ;)

Anyways! On to the polish!  My dear bestie Brittany and I went to an Ulta out her way and I found this beauty on sale for $1.50! WHAT. Not only was it super cheap, it's super amazing. Excellent formula. This is two coats, but I think one thick coat might even be possible.  The color is so summery and perfect.  Also, I'll be without thumb swatches for a while as I broke the joint in my thumb and can't quite bend it yet although I have gained a bunch of mobility back so far.

I tried a new blur technique on photoshop, which I think only will work for cremes since it doesn't affect the color at all.  Shown is two coats of Coastal Surf over Nailtek II Foundation and sealed with OTD. I'm assuming that since this polish was on super clearance that it might be discontinued. I'm not sure, but if you see it..grab it. It's a new fave!

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