Friday, November 30, 2012

Indie Polishes: Process Photos

I always find process photos about anything to be super interesting, so today I share with you process photos from my corner of the basement!

Find your glitter! So happy my glitter jars are clear. I'm making a batch of Solider Of Fashion from the Planetside 2 Collection!

I measure out my glitter on weighing paper because it has no static charge.

I pour it into the base filled batch bottle filled with base that has already been tinted and is ready to shake.


Got my bottles ready, balls in tow.

And the brushes and caps too..



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  1. Haha what a great post! I Love seeing the process of making these beauties! Soldier of fashion is STUNNING btw.

  2. I find process stuff interesting too, really enjoyed reading about this, more please!