Saturday, October 20, 2012

Upcoming Oopsie Daisies: The Earthbound Collection

I've been working on this collection the past few months, it is almost ready so I thought it'd be a good time to share with you the concept and basis of my favorite collection yet!

The Earthbound Collection is a seven piece collection inspired by my favorite video game ever, Earthbound.  This game was released ages ago for the Super Nintendo and it was almost too easy to pull inspiration from it.

Winters is inspired by, of course, the town of Winters. A white creme base with blue and green glitter and sporadic pops of purple to represent the elusive sea creature, Nessie.

Paula is a key character in Earthbound.  She's an incredible sidekick with even more incredible psychic powers.

Unlikely Hero;
Ness is the epitome of the unlikely hero.  A small town young boy chosen to save the world!

Fuzzy Pickles!;
Who says "Cheese" anymore anyways? Earthbound's quirky photographer wants you to say "Fuzzy Pickles!" instead.

Starstorm Omega;
The most powerful psychic attack in the game, Starstorm Omega will send stars shooting!

Bubble Monkey;
A key NPC in Earthbound, the Bubble Monkey gets you out of sticky situations.

Wel come to moo nsi ns dem oons ide! I mean, Welcome to Moonside.  The backwards town of Earthbound with neon flashing lights, where yes means no and no means yes.

The Earthbound Collection is set to be released on Saturday, October 27th!

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