Sunday, October 14, 2012

MyGlam - Ipsy - October 2012

So MyGlam has changed to Ipsy according to what I've heard from them.  It's a recent change that they are still undergoing I believe. This is the prompt the website has:

We changed our name and the site has undergone a fabulous makeover. What's different?
  • Are you a Glam Bag Subscriber? Nothing's changed! Go to My Account to manage your subscription.
  • We added a ton of new features (and this is just the beginning).
  • Existing myglam member? Sign in with your normal email and password. New member? Take our Beauty Quiz!

So that's that I guess! I did receive my September bag but, wait for it.. I lost it. In its entirety. I still haven't found it. I cant figure out where I put it.  There are only so many places it can be, too. I have no idea where it is and I'm sorry not being able to share with you.

Anyways, I got my October bag today!

The Bag

I love the mod look of this bag.  It's thickly padded, too. The past few bags have been mesh.

The Contents

be a bombshell.... Eye Liner in Onyx - 3ml

Included was "be a bombshell...." eye liner in "Onyx".  The eye liner is in a felt tipped pen looking item. Depending on how you angle the applicator you can make thinner or thicker lines.  I tried washing this off my arm and it didn't budge. Seems pretty solid to me.

be a bombshell.... Eye Liner in Onyx - 3ml
be a bombshell.... Eye Liner in Onyx - 3ml

"What's Your Type?" Black Mascara, 3.5ml - I didn't try this one out yet but I have to say I'm glad the bag includes pretty generic colors for stuff like eye liner and mascara.  Realistically I may do my make up once a week, and when I do, I use black or dark brown eyeliner/mascara.  Bright colors can be fun but they're not really practical for me, so I was happy to see black eye products.

Included was "mirenesse" Lip Bomb (cute!) in shade Four, .11 oz. The back of the tube lists it as a "Glossy Lacquer Stain".  The applicator on the brush was something different.  It has indentations, I'm assuming so it fits the shape of your lips.  The color is pretty but not something I'd use most likely.  I don't use much of anything on my lips aside from clear gloss, sometimes a little sparkle.

Also included was a little eyeshadow sampler from Coastal Scents.  Didn't try these yet either.  To be honest I'd rather just share with you what came in the bag than swatch it. I'm not good with make up blogging, nail polish is definitely where my heart is at.

A Pequi Oil treatment was also included for hair. I hope you found this helpful (=


  1. I keep wanting to sign up for this but never do. I love trying new products but I fear I would have a huge collection of stuff that I would never use.

    1. i give some of the stuff to my mom but its only $10 a month which makes it the only affordable one for me haha

  2. I WISH I could get MyGlam/Ipsy here in Australia. I looks great.

    1. any other subscriptions out your way? its fun looking forward to it each month!