Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hey, Sailor!

I didn't do a Memorial Day mani, or a Fourth of July mani, so I felt it was due time for a patriotic Labor Day manicure! This one is inspired by the colors but it also reminds me of a sailor costume for Halloween maybe. You know how all costumes have a "sexy" version? Sexy witch, sexy cat, sexy ophthalmologist? I don't know, lol.

"Natural" Light

So yea, there is smudging. I really didn't wait long at all before applying the topcoat so this was more of a user error than a product one. I use a cheap striper I get from the local dollar store, no brand name really.  I use it on my toes all the time for a French pedi and it never smudged because I wait long enough. I was excited to see this finished so.. smudging it is.

"Natural" Light

I used the incredibly gorgeous Zoya Song for the tips. I'm pretty sure it's a one coater, I only needed to run the brush over once to get this opacity!  It's sparkly and a deep blue and uh, really pretty. I used nail guides I bought from Ebay:

There are so many fun designs included in the package!  The lines on my nails were really neat but I wanted to add so white which is why I went over them.  I applied topcoat and added a gem while it was still tacky.

"Natural" Light