Tuesday, September 25, 2012

NEW! Oopsie Daisies Pink of Me - Men's Breast Cancer Awareness

Firstly, I have been an absentee blogger.  School has my bogged down with.. well, school work. It's such a different kind of tired than being work tired. Mental exhaustion I suppose.  I plan on adding lots more posts soon, I have items from the Born Pretty store to review, new polishes I got for my birthday to show you all and much more! Things should pick up soon (=

Secondly, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  I personally feel the need to call attention to Male Breast Cancer (MBC) as it has hit home before.  In 2007 my father was diagnosed with MBC and we were all shocked.  We've never even heard of that happening before.  MBC makes up less than 1% of all Breast Cancer cases yet out of approximately 2000 cases of MBC, 450 resulted in death.

Luckily, my father felt the lump and took it seriously.  The issue is that many men shrug it off.  There is a 100:1 ratio of FBC to MBC, that one could be a man in your family.  If you have a history of FBC in your family, educate the men about the reality of this disease.  We have no history of in it in our family, and yet it still managed to happen.  If you find a lump, take it seriously.

I will be donating $2 for every bottle of Pink of Me sold to hisbreastcancer.org. The proceeds go towards brochures, informational pieces and education for those in the health industry to bring awareness to the other side of this awful disease.

Because my father knew that MBC was a possibility, he took the proper steps.  He went through chemo and had a mastectomy and is now alive and in better health than before he got sick.  He's around now so we can take pictures like this:

Me & Daddy at the Luray Caverns this August

Now, on to the pictures.

"Natural" Light

"Natural" Light

"Natural" Light

Seen above is three coats of Pink of Me over Orly Bonder and sealed with Out the Door.  This polish wore really well on me but may be a little thick to some people, so a drop of thinner or two will definitely fix that! Click to enlarge for better detail.

Pink of Me and more are available at my shop:


  1. I love that you are bringing awareness to male breast cancer! The polish is beautiful and for such a great cause. I will definitely be getting a bottle.

    1. LATE to the party but i saw you post today, lovely!!

  2. Glad you're still supporting the cause. It's so important to care about something bigger than yourself, and it's great that you're sharing your interest on your blog. mine is sharing the best alternative cancer treatment that is available today.