Saturday, May 18, 2013

May Ipsy Bag Review and Photos

I got my Ipsy, formerly known as MyGlam Bag, package a few days ago but was held up due to surgery recuperation.   All is well though, so now I have lots of pictures to share with you!  That being said this post is a bit picture heavy, just a heads up.

What's in the bag?!
This bag this time around was really cute.  And oddly enough, there was a second bag included.  There was no note of why, however.  The products came in the bag pictured above, the white bag was empty.  I wonder if this is because last month's bag was a duplicate?  If so, major points for that consideration!

Bonus Bag

This month's bag had five products in it, including a full size Zoya!  That nearly covers the cost of the bag alone; Zoya $8 - Ipsy subscription $10. I like it already. Lets get into the products.

A full size bottle of Zoya Neely, a color I actually really like!  It's a super light minty green creme.  Shown on the swatch wheel below is one super thick coat, no top coat. Such a pretty, seasonally appropriate color.

Next is Pacifica Coconut Crushed Pearl Luminizing Body Butter.  So, I really haven't a clue how to review these sorts of things so (and I know I say that every time, because it's true every time!) bear with me on this.


This stuff has a light coconut scent; not overbearing like sunscreen, but really delicate and pleasant.  It also has the luminizing flecks in it which are all over my entire upper body thanks to my inability to measure an appropriate amount.

Shown above is the palm of my hand that I used to rub the body butter into my arm.  It shows on my arm too, but I was able to capture more of the effect on my palm.

So this thing threw me off a little bit.  I thought yaby was the color at first. And then I realized it's actually the name brand and that buff is the color.  I still didn't know what it was, foundation? Concealer?  A quick Google search leads me to believe it's foundation.  It doesn't match my skin though.  And as I was trying to test it on my arm, the little metal disc popped out and fell on my cat that was by my feet. So now it's really worthless being the wrong color and having cat fur in it.

Also included was Juice Beauty lip gloss in "pink". Yep.. it's called pink, and it isn't even really. It's pretty and sparkly though and smells like citrus? Grapefruit maybe?

Finally we come to the dud of the group (I'm not even counting the yaby thing).  Although I should preface this and say I'm terribly biased and that's why I don't care for this item.

Pacifica Tahitian Gardenia Perfume Roll On.  The packaging is so cute, and I really wanted to love it, but I don't, not even close.  Floral scents trigger migraines for me most of the time, and this is heavily floral scented, obviously.  Smells like flowers and I don't spend enough time sniffing floral scents to be able to discern it's attributes.

Overall, I was pleased with this bag (as I always am, it seems!)  I was really happy to see a full size polish of a brand I love (Zoya) as well as the lotion, which I like as well.  Also, I think it was really nice of the company to send an additional bag to make up for last month's repeat - and I do think that's why they sent two this time around.

One last group photo:

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