Monday, May 20, 2013

Born Pretty Water Decals Review + Coupon Code

Today I have an item sent for review from Born Pretty! I chose to review some water decals since I've never used them before and I am so so glad to have picked these.  I've had nothing but a wonderful experience with them!

I chose the little yellow hibiscuses for this manicure, seen above.  The package came with a bunch of different styles, photos to follow.

I used two decals on each hand for accent nails.  Shown is two coats of Brucci Sylvia's Pretty in Purple.

So, these were the instructions that came with the decals.  I really do use the term instructions loosely here, though.  I'm going to list, step by step, what I did to complete the manicure.

After painting and top coating your nails and making sure they're completely dry (I'd say 20 minutes is good, I waited longer however because I was doing stuff in between):

  1. Cut out the desired designs you'd like to use. (Make sure you peel the acetate off; mine fell off without needing to be peeled.)
  2.  Dip the design into water and make sure it is completely saturated (This didn't take 10-20 seconds; more like 5 worked for me)
  3. Use a finger from the hand you're NOT decorating - slide the decal off on to the tip of your finger.  At this point, it should be upside down, full color design facing down.
  4. Position the decal above the nail you're applying to and gently place it.  Be sure to smooth it down.
  5. I personally waited for the water from the decal to air dry instead of blotting it, to avoid messing up the design.
  6. Once any dripped off water is dry, apply top coat.
Some things worth noting:

  • The "instructions" included did not mention that they would transfer backwards. I botched my test run because of this, so that's why I listed revised instructions above.
  • These don't work like those kiddie tattoos, although its a similar concept. You have to flip the decal         around and apply the lighter colored side down, full color side up.
  • Once the decal is on your nail, if your fingernail is still wet, you can slide the decal around! Awesome! You can slide and gently nudge it to reposition it to exactly where you want. I love that quality about these; stickers and stamping have a much more of a one-shot type of quality.
  • The decals are so detailed!  I love how fine the details are.
  • Water temperature doesn't seem to matter. Mine was cool from the tap.
  • The decal lay very flat against your nail since they're so thing, I like that.
Despite those minor complications these things were a breeze to work with.  No lining anything up, no lumps or bumps. I love them and I'm going to buy more when I can.

Above are some more shots of the manicure, that I've quickly fallen in love with, by the way!  Below are more designs that the package came with.

If you'd like to purchase these decals for yourself they're available here:
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  1. Awesome :) I'd love to try water decals!

  2. I love the round pussy cats, I hope you do a mani with those, they are gorgeous!

  3. OMG THEY HAVE DOPEY!!!! I haven't tried their decals yet but now I am going to have to!

  4. oh wow those work amazing, and so simple!!