Monday, March 25, 2013

Smitten Polish Berrydrops Swatch and Review

Today I have three of the six Berrydrops from a recent Smitten Polish collection.  I chose the three that stood out the most to me and I think you'll agree that these polishes are just amazing!  The Berrydrop polishes are "A collection of gumdrop themed polishes, with names inspired by berries - some real, some imaginary. Crelly bases with subtle tiny flakies."

Bananaberry Gumdrop - Huckleberry Gumdrop - Gooseberry Gumdrop
The first polish up is Bananaberry Gumdrop.  I'm totally a sucker for yellow polishes.  This polish is a sheer, yellow jelly-like polish with white flakes that builds nicely.  Yellows are typically a pain, but streakiness wasn't an issue here!  Shown is four thin (super thin) coats.  I have a pretty light hand with polish, so you could likely do 3 thicker coats.  All swatches in this post are over Barielle Advanced Pro and sealed with Out the Door.

Next is Huckleberry Gumdrop, I think if I had to choose, this was my favorite.  Shown here is three thin coats.  Huckleberry Gumdrop is bluer than Snozzberry Gumdrop which leans more teal and is darker.  I don't usually go crazy for blues but I am completely "Smitten" ;) with this one!

Lastly is Gooseberry Gumdrop which is a fun, light shade of green.  This is another one which won over my heart as I don't go for green too often.  Shown here is four thin coats, although I could have definitely stopped at three.

Overall, I was IMPRESSED with the formula, but Smitten Polish always has amazing formulas.  These applied super smoothly, very easily.  I love the effect of the white flakes, I don't have any colored polishes that look like these, so they're most certainly a unique addition to my collection.

Smitten Polishes are available at the Etsy shop for 9$ a piece:
LIKE Smitten on Facebook:  - The owner often posts sneak peeks to her new collections which I love to see!

These polishes were sent for review.


  1. I don't usually love yellow, but OMG Bananaberry Gumdrop is super gorgeous!

    1. Smitten really blew me away with these, especially the yellow!