Thursday, February 28, 2013

Smitten Polish - Chocolate Bunny Soup

I have such a soft spot for my Smitten polishes.  I love them all, so so much.  Most definitely my favorite indie brand and Noelie is such a sweetheart as well!

I really like chocolatey brown polishes (hence why I've made a few myself!) and the circle glitter and subtle golden shimmer just make this polish so lovely.  Shown is four thin (very thin) coats - I could've done three thick ones but I wanted to build up glittery depth.  This is over Orly Bonder and sealed with Out the Door.  This is a jelly based polish with 3 types of circle glitter and a lovely shimmer.

The polish is inspired by those chocolate bunnies you see at Easter time and their candy eyes.. all melted down in polish form, too clever!!


  1. It's so cute!!! I think little girls would love to have chocolate nails for Easter!!!

  2. oooh I love it! I want a chocolate bunny now

  3. That's lovely! I'm such a fan of brown polishes, I'll probably have to buy that one!