Sunday, February 10, 2013

Liquid Sands: OPI The Impossible

Everytime a new trend comes out, I have to give at least one of them a whirl.  Crackles, magnetics.. although I never did venture into the more extreme textured nails (caviar and flocking),but this seemed interesting enough to try.  I was pleasantly, and shockingly, surprised!

I did one of those panicky UH WHICH ONE DO I GET things at Ulta. I had this one and the purple one in my hands and took forever deciding on one, but finally went for the pink one, The Impossible.  Shown is 3 coats over NailTek II base coat, no top coat.  This polish was surprisingly and unexpectedly neon, way more bright than I had anticipated.

So here is how this played out: I only needed two coats and wore that for a day.  I wanted to add an extra coat for photos, and in hopes of getting some stars which you can see I finally did.  Those were the only stars to come out, just the two - minimal fishing.  I thought wearing this would be horrible and annoying but it wasn't.


  1. How convinient... this one is one my blog today :D
    I love it! The only thing is that I had a hard time to fish out some stars. I managed to get two out of the bottle and on to my brush :D

    1. Hahaha nice! I agree, I didn't get any stars until the last coat which was random - the first two coats (10 applications total!) had ZERO stars. The last few, 2 came out.