Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sinful Colors Leap Flog + Born Pretty items!

I saw somewhere that Sinful Color had a new collection with all repromotes except Leap Flog, which is new. It's more of a fall color and I probably won't use it again until then but I am just smitten with it.

"Natural" Light

The photo above is 2 coats of Leap Flog over Orly OtD. I used a dried flower from my recent Born Pretty order.

"Natural" Light

For the $2 price tag, Sinful Colors really does impress me. I added the flower over the tacky Leap Flog and it adhered just fine.

"Natural" Light

I added Essie As Gold As It Gets (another favorite!) and decided it was a complete look with that last touch. This is just one coat of Essie, with another coat of top coat. I did put a layer of Instant Artificials over the flower since it is textured.  It smoothed it out a little bit, I had to wait until it was tacky and almost dry and then I was able to flatten it out a bit better. Some parts of the flower were sticking up before I did that.

I ordered a wheel of the dried flowers from Born Pretty as well as a wheel of half pearls. They have decent prices and free shipping but it took about 3 weeks to arrive from China.

Edit 7/23/12 - I just realized that this polish is actually Leap Flog, not Leap Frog. I edited this post accordingly. But seriously, what's a leap flog?


  1. That is a super pretty color! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. A lot of people seem to be trying out dried flowers lately. It's making me curious. :P I should try it out myself. As for the polish, I've never actually heard of the brand, but it's looks pretty opaque and non-streaky for the price~

    1. I put off the flowers forever, I'm glad I finally tried them.

      If you're in the US Sinful Colors is available at Walgreens.