Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sinful Colors SinfulShine in Blue Suede Shoes - LOVE it!

I love this polish. I've worn it three times already and I haven't even had it very long.

The SinfulShine line is a series of polishes with "Gel Tech" that makes them similar to gel polishes in terms of shine and wear.  I'm thrilled with this polish (only SinfulShine I own at the moment), I look forward to getting more.  This is a dense creme, only two coats - could do one if it was thick enough!  The shade is beautiful, too.

I had a bit of an incident while showering and took off a chunk of my nail with my razor )= My index is gonna be a bit wonky for a while but I couldn't manage to cut the rest down to match. So annoying too as my index takes a beating from everyday life and is the slowest to grow. I'm just pretending it matches and invite you to pretend along side me :D

And here's what it looks like with my new Oopsie Daisies polish "Mod" on top of it! One coat of Mod.


  1. This is such a lovely shade!! It looks great with the glitter too!

  2. What a gorgeous color that is! I love it, especially with the glitter on top. I don't have any of the Sinfulshine polishes, but I will definitely need to hunt some down!

    I broke two nails on my left hand and ended up cutting them all down. Boo for wonky nails!

    1. I want more of these SC polishes.. the wear is impressive!