Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Oopsie Daisies Apple Jelly Autumn Trio - NOW AVAILABLE!

The Apple Jelly Trio consists of three jelly/creme-jelly polishes that all have something in common: Apple Picking. I thought about how to make a good thing better, and decided to have a limited edition trio of Apple Picking in tinted bases for this season's collection!

Granny Smith - Golden Delicious - McIntosh

First up is Granny Smith, which is a light green jelly/creme-like (somewhere in the middle, often called a "crelly" but I just have a strong aversion for that word, ha) with the Apple Picking glitter mix. Shown below is three coats on its own.

Next is Golden Delicious.  This polish shares the base consistency of Granny Smith but has a yellow base color as well as the Apple Picking glitter mix.  Shown is three coats on its own.

Wrapping up the trio is McIntosh, which is a bright red/almost magenta leaning jelly polish with the Apple Picking glitter mix.  Shown is 2 coats on its own. It's a bit on the bright side so it's a little trickier to photograph - for reference this is a similar base color as the previous Oopsie Daisie polish, With a Cherry on Top.

The Apple Jelly Trio is now available at the Oopsie Daisies Etsy Store for $8.50 a piece.

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