Saturday, March 10, 2012

Funky Fingers Kelly

I broke this one out of the stash because I realized I didn't have many greens, and since my options were limited, I went to the back of the FF drawer in my Helmer.  I bought this at Five Below a long time ago, I found it in the discount bin all by itself.

"Natural" Light

This was NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE to photograph.  It's rare I have to alter the settings on my camera, but this one had me discovering feature I didn't even know my camera had! I'm not sure there is a color accurate photo in the 50 or so I took, so I'll show you the nonsense I was working with.

"Natural" Light??

I don't even know. Cellphone pic under my lamp, maybe.

This is 3 coats of Kelly over CND Stickey without topcoat.  It's a bizarre polish, somewhat of a suede.. jelly? Is that possible? I don't know what I'm working with; I've never encountered a polish like this.  Perhaps there's a hint of neon in here somewhere.

Taken with my cellphone.


It's not matte, but it's not shiny.  It's not a jelly but it's not a creme.  It doesn't photograph well and it looks like 5 different shades depending on the setting.  When I wore it to school, it looked neon.  Right now with my bedroom lighting, it looks like a forest green.  The very first picture is probably the closest to reality, maybe? Maybe the flash picture. I DON'T KNOW.