Monday, May 23, 2011

bargain haul - 12 polishes under 19$!!

Hi ladies! Finals are over, got my 3.33 gpa :D super excited and now I am working fulltime. Daycare work is bad on the nails and hands. Rubber powered gloves dry my skin out, and I've been banging my nails and snapping them left and right. But I am doing well! Finally (=

I wanted to share with you my recent accumulations of polish. I've got 12 new bottles for 19$!

Five Below
3 for 5$
Oatmeal - High Voltage - Bashful
Five Below - CVS - Local Dollar Store
2$ - 2$ - 1$
Saved by the Blue - Fashionista -White Shadow
Five Below
2$ - 1$ (clearance)
Sand and Stilettos - Kelly
Local Dollar Store
1$ each!
The Rocks - royal puple (lol!) - delusional
Five Below
Blue to Lavender
Uh, this is blue to light blue.but close enough? lol.
There you have it! 12 bottles for 19$. So exciting to me. Reviews to follow, hopefully. and what is this annoying box underneath this text.. I CAN'T GET RID OF IT


  1. Great bargain hunting :-)
    Congratulations on your grades!

  2. Britty and baby =)May 24, 2011 at 4:00 PM

    The blue wet&wild looks super pretty. How is the quality though? And I love the name of the "Fresh Paint"s

  3. Nice haul(:
    & nice blog!

    Please check out my blog, thanks