Sunday, April 24, 2011

update & a franken

Every once in a while life comes along and kicks you back into reality.  Out of the nail polish world and everything else that brings you happiness, it grabs you by the shoulders and shakes you HARD.  Mostly, I've been dedicated a lot of myself to school, my very very sick little kitty, family and friends.  My nails are still in pretty decent condition, minus a few minor breaks and such.  They're still always painted, just typically things I've done already.  Money has been tight in reference to the vet bills so I haven't bought many new things at all, polish included.  Blogging here makes me happy, and is a positive distraction - I need to remember that.  Plus its springtime now, which means dad is fishing.  Which mean dad brings his camera with him.. which means its usually in his car in or his man cave.  I forget to snap a few pictures when it's not sitting in front of me!

Here is an old post from my back logs that I accidentally skipped over.

I haven't named this one yet!  But is it the exact color of a hard boiled egg yolk.  The bottle is round, so it really looks like one!
All out of  Lemon Fizz! I need another bottle!
I absolutely LOVE that color.
The holo shimmers are SUPER subtle.
Also, sorry Britty & Coryn - I know you always read these and have been wondering what's up! I just haven't had it in me lately.


  1. Keep taking care of yourself. Thats most important. Hope kitteh is doing okay. :) Pretty yellow franken.

  2. Its okay I still love you <3