Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ipsy Bag - Formerly MyGlam - June 2014!

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I missed doing these for the blog so much! I'm happy to have one today to share, though.  This bag's theme was "Pretty in Paradise" and I think the bag itself actually reflects that well.

I love pineapples, so pineapples on a makeup bag is just adorable.  Inside the bag though we have lots of pretties...


Let's start with the item the jumps out the most to me - the blinding reflection of the Jesse's Girl eyeliner!

I haven't actually put this on yet, but I was playing around it with a bit and it is very black and dries suuuuper fast.  I intentionally left some on the back of my hand and it stayed on all day despite regular hand washing.  I don't know how it'll hold up on the eye but it seems promising.

Above I just did four quick swipes to show thickness variations and below is the brush.

Next up is the be a... Bombshell mascara in Lash Out.  I have a concern about this product. It has a really strong smell to it - it's a chemical smell - a mix between a sharpie and KleanColor nail polish.  I've never opened a brand new mascara before and been punched by its smell, ever.  I don't know why it smells like this and I don't know if it's supposed to, but I won't be using it.  I found a blogpost of someone else better describing the issue as well as a screencap of the company's reply:

Next is NYX butter gloss in eclair. So pretty! Love this addition to my stash!

Next was OleHenrikson truth to go wipes - which are gentle, moisturizing, age-defying cleansing wipes.  I use moisturizers otherwise and a facial wipe only interests me if it's removing makeup.  These had a light, pleasant scent to them, though.

Finally we have Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray which I won't be using for practical reasons.  My hair is super thick, super straight and nothing can be done to it with professional intervention.  I had it curled for a wedding once: two hours. It's a shame though, because beach waves are my favorite and I wish I could practically make them happen. 

So there it is! I plan on looking into the mascara debacle a bit more since that seems interesting. Overall, I was pretty pleased with everything except the mascara.  The wipes are nice, I'm sure and it would be fun to get beach waves but I'll have wonderfully lined eyes and the perfect pouty lips in the meantime!  Thanks for reading!

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